Samuel J. Cullers, First Professionally Trained African American Urban Planner.

Planning and the Black Community Division - Events

  • There are no upcoming Division-related events at this time.

Division News & Opportunities

The current newsletter highlights PBCD's 40th Anniversary Conference which takes place November 6th-8th, 2020.  The theme, “Renewing our Commitment to Good Trouble, Necessary Trouble” honors former U.S. Representative John Lewis and his commitment to community and social justice.  

Activities will include:

·      Opening Panel - PBCD Voices: Founding Members and Early Leaders (Friday evening)

·      A series of presentations, panel discussions and storytelling sessions (Saturday)

·      A virtual Sunday Brunch with breakout rooms and targeted discussion (Sunday afternoon).

Check out the Fall 2020 Newsletter here!

Job Announcements

The City of Redwood, CA is hiring for an Assistant Community Development and Transportation Director.

The City of Bloomington, IN is hiring for an Assistant Director of Planning and Transportation.

Palm Beach County is hiring for a Deputy Director of Planning, Zoning, and Building.

Diamond and Associates are currently hiring for an Assistant Project Manager and one or more paid interns.

The City of Indianapolis is hiring for an Associate Planner and an Administrator of Long-Range Transportation Planning.

Maul, Foster, and Alongi are hiring for Staff Planner positions.

If you would like to advertise your job announcement on the PBCD social media and website, please email the Social Media Administrator at

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