First Generation Planners Speak their Truth

Jefferey Lowe, Ph.D & Sigmund Shipp, Ph.D

The APA Divisions Council has recently announced the 2019 Grant Awards. PBCD was one of three grant proposals awarded for the research project entitled, "The First Generation of Black Planners Speak Their Truths". The research grant was proposed by former PBCD Executive Board members, Jeffrey Lowe, Ph.D. and Sigmund Shipp, Ph.D. Their research will focus on the work of the first black Planners during a time when the country experienced a major demographic shift with an influx of African-Americans migrating to major cities while Whites relocated to the suburbs. The research will capture their stories and highlight an overlooked chapter in urban history. The 2019 PBCD Fellow will work alongside of Professors Lowe and Shipp to complete the project.Congratulations and many thanks to the amazing work of Professors Lowe and Shipp.